Kiss, Commander, Promise

'There's the reality of the intelligence analyst and there's the reality of Joe Citizen on the street' - American/Israeli spy Jonathan Jay Pollard, after his capture

'It wasn't a woman who betrayed Jesus with a kiss.' - Catherine Canswell

'Kiss, Commander, Promise' is the title of an African-based spy series written by Alexander Nderitu. The first installment appeared in the short short story collection, Kiss Commander Promise. (This collection also includes the award-nominated spy story, 'Life as a Flower').

Set in the cosmopolitan city in Nairobi, Kiss Commander Promise examines the espionage game in the hi-tech post-Cold War era and Africa, not Europe, is the chessboard on which competing spy agencies play the Great Game. Not since Len Deighton have armchair spy chasers seen anything like this: marital issues thrust right into the middle of clandestine operations while a war of nerves is waged between countries!

Alexander Nderitu - Kiss, Commander, Promise


In the main story, an Egyptian defector codenamed 'Jaws' is shadowed by two Kenyan intelligence officers, Ernest Mwangi and Johnny Muraguri, against the backdrop of an African Cold War. The problem is that Ernest and Johnny hate each other and were once rivals for the affections of Ernest's beautiful wife, Georgeanne...(Click here to read an excerpt)

OTHER STORIES: In North Korea, a disillusioned spy plays a cat-and-mouse game against his own secret service… In Canada, a successful businesswoman must outwit a stalker who has come a little too close for comfort… In Israel, a secret plan to bio-engineer an army of cloned soldiers creates 'the perfect storm’ of controversy… Back in Nairobi, an investigator is called in after an Indian family’s wedding plans turn into funeral arrangements… Elsewhere in Kenya, ripples of alarm begin to spread when a soon-to-be-crowned Nobel laureate goes missing, believed kidnapped… Meanwhile, a love triangle between a high-strung cop, a naïve writer and a beautiful girl spirals dangerously out of control… And finally, the Rwandan Genocide is revisited in a heart-rending tale of courage, sacrifice, hatred and fear…

‘A Kenyan novelist in a class of his own.’ – mmnjug (arts blogger)

'...the two stories that stood out for me are “Rude was the Shock” by Alexander Nderitu, and “Thousand Meter Sea Shell” by Tristan Jacobs...' - https://badcursive.wordpress.com (literary blog)




Alexander Nderitu - Command the Ravens

Intelligence officer Ernest Mwangi is sent to Juba, South Sudan, where he is to rendezvous with the agent known as 'Railway'. A transfer of technology from China to Juba has raised alarm bells in US intelligence circles, especially in light of a steadily narrowing 'missile gap' between the lone superpower and the fast-rising People's Republic of China.

On his return to Nairobi, Ernest suspects that Georgeanne has been unfaithful to him. Identifying her illicit lover becomes an obssession in which he finds an unlikely ally. While the personal 'cold war' between Ernest and Johnny thaws, South Sudan teeters on the brink of civil war and Georgeanne's marriage teeters on the brink of divorce...



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